What types of jewelry are you interested in buying?

We buy all types of fine jewelry loose diamonds, engagement rings, wedding rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, pendants, watches, and designer and antique items as well as precious stones. We buy diamonds across the entire spectrum of size and value ranging from small, 1-carat diamonds to large, very costly diamonds. Whether you have inherited some fine jewelry or simply have items you no longer want, we are happy to look at it.

How much is my jewelry worth?

We can appraise your jewelry and provide you with a cash offer. This is the purchase price that we are willing to pay for your jewelry, based on our appraisal of its value.

How is my jewelry evaluated?

Our expert appraisers take various factors into account when assessing your jewelry, such as its design, mineral and metal content, fashion and artistic value, age, uniqueness and condition. We also consider the jewelry’s maker, country of origin and whether the piece is signed.

Does retail value influence pricing?

While retail value may factor into the offer we present you with, particularly for more contemporary pieces, pricing is primarily based on the composition, condition and desirability of the piece.

I’m nervous about shipping my jewelry. How secure are your shipping services?

We use secure shipping services with insurance options. You can choose from FedEx DVX, which can insure up to $50,000, or use high-value shipping insurance companies, like G4S, for jewelry that is worth more than $50,000. If you want the ultimate in security, we offer our clients in major cities shipping via armored car companies like Brinks, Dunbar Armored and Malca-Amit. At Revere Jewels, we regularly ship items of extremely high value, oftentimes valuing several hundred thousand dollars. We also have a fully stocked wholesale diamond inventory so we ship these highly valuable pieces on a very regular basis.

I don’t feel comfortable shipping my jewelry. Can I visit your office?

Absolutely! Our corporate office is conveniently located at the corner of Rexford and Olympic in the heart of Beverly Hills, making it easily accessible to residents of Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Pacific Palisades, Hollywood and Brentwood. If you’re in the Los Angeles area, this is a convenient way to have your items appraised in person. Complimentary valet parking is available at our Beverly Hills location.

I don’t live in Los Angeles, and I don’t want to ship my jewelry. Are there any other options?

We do have appraisers that can visit your home, office or another mutually agreed upon location, such as a bank, hotel or office building, and appraise your jewelry, if the circumstances call for it. We have appraisers located all over the U.S.

What if I don’t like your offer on my fine jewelry or diamond?

If you don’t like our offer, we’ll simply ship your items back to you, overnight and free of charge. Once we verify what you have for sale, we handle all the shipping costs, both to and from our office. Or if you visited our office, you take your jewelry with you. There is no charge for the appraisal and you are under no obligation to us at all. The entire process is risk-free.

I have an appraisal on my piece. Will you just pay me the appraisal value?

We assess each item on an individual basis, considering its structure, design, condition and overall value. In some instances, we may offer you an amount similar to the pieces appraisal value; however, oftentimes appraisal values are inflated. An appraisal value is the retail amount you would have to pay to replace the piece; it takes into account the profit margin of both the manufacturer and the retailer. As such, appraisal values are often much higher than the pieces actual value.

Does it matter if I have a certificate for my item?

It can. Generally, any certificate by a major accredited lab will add value to your piece. However, over the years, many diamonds and fine jewelry pieces havent been accredited; this lack of a certificate doesnt devalue the item well assess your pieces value regardless. However, if you have a G.I.A.- or A.G.S.-certified diamond, we may make you a verbal upfront offer on it over the phone, without seeing the diamond in person.

How can I know that youre giving me the best price for my jewelry?

We encourage our clients to get offers from other jewelry buyers for comparison purposes. We analyze each piece of jewelry individually and offer fair, high-value offers. All our offers are cash offers, meaning we pay you cash immediately for your piece. Make sure any other offers you get are also cash offers.

When and how do I receive payment?

We pay our clients immediately. If you accept our offer on your jewelry, well tender payment to you immediately. If you accept our offer at our physical office, well write you a check on the spot, or we can easily arrange for a cashiers check if you prefer. If you shipped your fine jewelry to us, we can pay you via check or wire transfer once you accept our offer.

Where do you sell my jewelry?

With over 20 years in the fine jewelry industry, we have longstanding relationships with collectors and buyers all over the world.

Do you accept trades?

Yes! Thanks to our relationships in the fine jewelry and diamond industry, we are happy to offer trades to our clients. We have a stocked diamond inventory so we can easily trade your diamond if you are interested in a bigger or different diamond. Contact one of our representatives to discuss your particular situation.

How is Revere Jewels different from other online jewelry buyers?

While other online jewelry buyers are just looking to move through a transaction, we have a vested interest in all our clients. We understand that the process of selling your jewelry can be a daunting task at times, and we want to make the entire process as seamless and enjoyable as possible for you. As a result, we ensure our services are straightforward, secure and discreet. With over 25 years experience in the industry, we are able to consider all factors when evaluating your jewelry, and were proud to offer our clients better offers than they get elsewhere. As a referral-based business, we have a long list of satisfied clients, and we are proud to keep growing that list today.

How is Revere Jewels different than a pawnshop?

We are much different than a pawnshop because we pay more for fine jewelry and diamonds. We only purchase diamonds and fine jewelry from our clients, whereas pawnshops purchase a bevy of different items. Due to our specialized knowledge of diamonds and fine jewelry, we can better assess the value of an item and offer our clients much better prices than theyll find at all pawn shops. Whereas pawnshops can be risky places to do business, we are rated with the Better Business Bureau and members of the Jewelers Board of Trade. Our clients can also visit our corporate office, conveniently located in the heart of Beverly Hills, or any of our other locales found throughout the nation.

Will you pay more than my local jeweler?

Generally, yes. Local jewelers are limited by their geographic location; they can only sell your piece to interested buyers in relatively close proximity. At Revere Jewels, we have a worldwide network of interested collectors and buyers who may be interested in your fine jewelry. As a result, our offers are generally higher.

Can I get more money by selling my jewelry to an auction house?

While auction houses are reputable arenas in which to sell your fine jewelry, expect to pay substantial fees and wait a while before receiving payment. Auction houses usually
charge these fees regardless of whether or not your item sells at auction. If your item does sell, the entire process can take up to six months. When you work with us, we usually beat auction houses reserve bids and we pay much more quickly in fact, we pay you immediately if you accept our offer.

Do you buy gold?

Yes, of course. Revere Jewels is known for giving the highest payout for gold and platinum. We buy anything gold or platinum regardless of its condition. We buy gold or platinum with or without gemstones in it.

Do you purchase watches?

Yes, we purchase fine watches and pocket watches, including designer watches.
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