When it comes to selling your diamonds and fine jewelry, knowledge is power.

If you are uninformed about the jewelry selling process, it’s more likely that you could be duped into accepting a substandard offer for your pieces. Here at Revere Jewels, we offer our clients total transparency throughout the entire process – we’re eager to share our knowledge of fine jewelry and diamonds, and we want you to be as educated about the sales process as possible.

Get Multiple Appraisals

Don’t feel you have to accept the first offer you receive on your diamonds or fine jewelry. If you wish, you can have your pieces appraised by more than one fine jewelry specialist.

You’ll then have a clear idea of the marketplace for your items, and you’ll feel confident that the offer you accept is the best value.

In addition to companies that purchase fine jewelry, you could also get an appraisal from a local jeweler who only sells fine jewelry – he or she can offer an unbiased appraisal of your items’ worth. Remember that a cash offer is different than an appraisal; an appraisal is the retail amount it would cost to replace your item whereas a cash offer is the amount a buyer is willing to pay for the piece. Most often, appraisals are higher than cash offers.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask

If you have multiple offers on your item, in some instances you may be able to leverage them against each other, provided you get the offers in writing. For example, you may wish to do business with one buyer because they seem more trustworthy; however, another buyer may have offered you a higher price. Get the higher offer in writing and ask the buyer you wish to engage if they’d be willing to come closer to the other price. In many instances, buyers may be willing to work with you. Confirm that the competitive offer in question is a cash offer – a cash offer is paid to you immediately in cash. With other types of offers, you could end up waiting months before you receive payment.

Don’t Be Rushed into a Decision

Take your time to explore your options before you accept an offer on your fine jewelry. Any buyer who pressures you into making a split-second decision isn’t operating in your best interest. Fine jewelry does not depreciate at breakneck speed – if you wait a day or so before accepting an offer, it’s generally not an issue.

Employ Clear Communication

A high-quality buyer will be straightforward with you about the value of your fine jewelry. If the buyer you are dealing with offers contradictory answers to your questions or skates around the truth, you’re better off going with another buyer.

Be straightforward and honest in all your communication with prospective buyers, and you’ll end up with better end results.

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